29 May, 2011

Goodbye Henryton, Hello Springfield!!

Today Marc and I decided to finish off our urban exploration visits to Henryton. The sites 18 buildings are pretty destroyed and no real artifacts are left inside. In fact, there were so many people there it felt like a park. The last two sites I wanted to see was the Henryton train tunnel that ran nearby, and the power plant for the asylum that closed its doors in 1984.

On the way back to the homestead, both of us noticed some buildings that would indicate a campus for a school or a multi-building hospital. Sure enough it was a semi-abandoned psychiatric hospital.

As we drove through the complex, it was very clear that multiple buildings were closed down. The lawns were still being mowed, there appeared to be power to other buildings. There was lots of occupied buildings as well. Blending in would not be hard, parking amongst other cars would make us invisible. Look like you belong and viola! You now are able to undertake an infiltration with relative ease. We saw a jogger while looking for an entrance point, she looked our way and i waved. Friendly works well, look guilty and you draw suspicion.

To our surprise, the buildings were very easy to enter. We did not have our filter masks or flashlights. However, lights were not necessary. The buildings were very well lit inside with great lighting. Unlike Forest haven or other sites, there appeared to be little by way of artifacts, but unlike Henryton. There was little to no graffiti. Perhaps the Maryland State Police training schools located nearby on the same campus keep all but the most hearty urban explorers at bay.

This site is a fine replacement for Henryton. I believe we may be one of the first explorers to make it into these buildings, if not the first then nearly so.

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